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Who Are We

Cultivates Ideas,
Creates Value

Kök Projekt is an agri-food startup accelerator and an innovation partner for the food, agriculture and water sector companies. We work together with companies, NGO’s and governmental organizations to establish interfaces for entrepreneurs to reach beyond their potential. 

Who are we


Our primary purpose is to encourage and set a foundation for entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas about food, agriculture, and water. As a food entrepreneurship consultancy, we direct, cultivate and grow food startups.

Who Are We


We are working to expand the food sector from Turkey to the Middle East and the North African region by building new projects for the sustainability of food, agriculture, and water (FAW). By establishing an Istanbul centered entrepreneur ecosystem, we plan to develop the future of the food globally. Our circular economic approach covers the product’s journey beyond consumption. With our global and local network, we lead the way for our entrepreneur clients.

Kök’s Ecosystem

Kök Projekt,

  • Cooperates with people, institutions, and associations in food, agriculture and water sector.

  • Works together with NGOs, IGOs, and governments

  • Grows together with its entrepreneur clients.

  • Knows venture capital and angel investors and gets them together with entrepreneurs for the sustainability of food, agriculture, and water.

  • Works with essential companies in the food sector and provides social and economic development for the industry.


We work together with professionals and inspire communities.


We strengthen our roots by working together with local and global foundations

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