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Acceleration Programs

We’re working for the sustainable future of food systems. We believe that entrepreneurs are the key elements for sustainable development and more effective agri-food systems. Therefore our work is focused on developing interfaces and platforms for entrepreneurs to reach their potential, and beyond. 

We build and facilitate acceleration programs with a deep dive to trends, investment reports, and developments from the agri-food industry. We provide and execute up to date curriculums and tailor made training programs for startups to be able to grow and compete on a global scale. 

Through our network, our entrepreneurs can reach global markets within Europe, MENA, FSU and APAC regions. We empower them to achieve their goals by providing training, mentorship programs and business development support in direct relationship with their targets for commercialization and their growth.


Corporate Innovation Programs

We are the bridge between corporations and startups within the food, agriculture, and water sectors. We work together with corporations to strengthen their connections with the startup ecosystems while creating opportunities for companies to innovate and develop the entrepreneurial skillset within their ranks. 

We develop and facilitate corporate innovation and entrepreneurship programs to build longlasting relationships within ecosystems, where the integration between startups and companies to become more efficient and versatile.


Social Entrepreneurship

Agri-food sector has a direct and indirect relationship with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We support social entrepreneurs through our work with our unique approach to the agri-food sector. We work on developing and facilitating entrepreneurship activities that empower entrepreneurs directly to create a sustainable and robust impact, aiming to be a showcase in social and economic development through integration. 

Through our activities, we create awareness and empower entrepreneurship communities to take action. We gather entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers together to create inspirational projects for the agri-food sector. Through our network, we work on building strong partnerships with NGO’s to companies, to implement perdurable impact. 

We design our social entrepreneurship programs alligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals for building sustainable future of food, and empowering the initiatives of the entrepreneurs.



We are the venture studio for the food, agriculture, and water sectors. As an entrepreneurship organization, we, too, have the genes for entrepreneurship in our company DNA. We invest our time, team, or capital to the great ideas that will succeed in the agri-food industry. 

We build ventures as a sector-specific focus to offer services within the various areas within the agri-food industry. We believe in great ideas; therefore, we invest in these ideas to become a reality.

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