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LIFE Project

The Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship Project supports and encourages entrepreneurship, job creation and cross-cultural engagement in the food sector. Through our entrepreneur incubation program, Members build food businesses and create sustainable livelihoods in Turkey. The program is designed to support refugees and members of underserved host communities. Turkey hosts the largest population of refugees in the world, with more than 4 million refugees from Syria as well as those from Iraq, Yemen and other countries. As a result, resources have been strained, fueling tension between communities. Through the LIFE Project, locals, refugees and other immigrants work side-by-side to build their enterprises, exchange ideas and gain necessary skills in the food industry. Download the one pager from here.

What Is Kök Projekt Doing?

Kök Projekt takes part in the Advisory Council of the LIFE Project. We support the project with the building and facilitation of the food entrepreneurship curriculum. We prepare the training which includes all the steps of food entrepreneurship: starting a business in the food industry, turning cultural differences into an advantage in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and joining a rich entrepreneurship network.

LIFE Project by the Numbers;

  • 75% of the LIFE Project beneficiaries are Syrians, 10% are other nationalities, and 15% are Turkish citizens.
  • 7 in 10 Syrian immigrants are women or children, which means more than half of the attendees are women.
  • 1240 direct beneficiaries took entrepreneurship training in the program. 6627 immigrants were influenced by the program indirectly.
  • 240 entrepreneur incubations established.
  • 1000 workers took part in the project
  • 20 entrepreneur attended the project in its first year.
  • LIFE Project will end on September 2019.