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FoodBack Entrepreneurship Program

What is FoodBack?

FoodBack is the food entrepreneurship program that focuses on social innovation. Co-created by the Kök Projekt, Ochi Food and Impact Hub Istanbul, the program aims to seek and support the food&agriculture entrepreneurs who strive to build their food businesses through social innovation. It’s crucial that food goes through a more sustainable journey from the soil to the table. Digital food platforms, along with the new food and agriculture technologies are waiting for the discovery of the entrepreneurs. Finding solutions to global issues and providing a healthy and excellent quality food service are some of the headings of the FoodBack sessions.

What Is Kök Projekt Doing?

As the co-creator of the program, Kök Projekt takes part in the program with developing contents for community events and designing the curriculum for the entrepreneurs by organizing workshops and training sessions. We use our entrepreneurship networks to organize new food communities and to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem.