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Food Ideathon

“Global Solutions for Regional Challenges.”

What is Food Ideathon?

Food Ideathon is the international pitching competition and incubation program for food, agriculture, water entrepreneurship to gain sustainable future designed by the Kök Projekt. We plan to establish a long-lasting dialogue between FAW entrepreneurs and the local ecosystems within the Turkey, Middle East, and North Africa (Turkey & MENA) region.

Our goal is to improve the economic potentials of the entrepreneurs to be able to expand in the global scene and to sustain a dialogue between entrepreneurship ecosystem with the Turkey and MENA region on FAW vertical. The team who’ll be participating the ideathons will generate their prototypes and showcase to show the foreseeable jury impact.

Click here to apply for Food Ideathon.


  • Stimulate economic progress of the entrepreneurs to globalize their business.
  • Keep alive the food entrepreneurship ecosystem and connections between US, EU, and Turkey and MENA regions.
  • Improve the food sector through incubation programs of the Food Ideathon.
  • Create successful local and global incubation entrepreneurs in food, agriculture, and water FAW issues.
  • Expand our food entrepreneur network by meeting new entrepreneurs.
  • Announce regional problems and solutions through Food Ideathon digital platforms.
  • Organize capacity building training for future food entrepreneurs



  • Develop the connections between local partners and establish the consortium.
  • Organize and implement the Food Ideathons’ first event series, to underline the local challenges and market potentials in each country.
  • Start the incubation programs collaboration with local food, agriculture, and water (FAW) entrepreneurs.
  • Linking these incubation programs with the global food, agriculture, and water (FAW) acceleration program.