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What is is a digital platform that helps the immigrant entrepreneurs for their social and economic integration. The project is co-created by the Kök Project, Habitat Association, and Imece Foundation. The website provides contents in Arabic, Turkish and English language. It is an encouraging guide for Syrian immigrants to develop their initiatives.

Why “Fihrist”?

Immigrants have difficulties in coping with cultural differences such as language, geography and social life in Turkey. Fihrist is a useful guide to make their lives more comfortable with its extensive but simplified content. The platform aims to provide the necessary information for immigrant entrepreneurs to build and enhance their businesses in Turkey. Fihrist’s editors collect all the strewn data about entrepreneurship for immigrants and organize these for their use. The platform takes the name “Fihrist,” which means “index” in English, for its systematic and organized method.

What is the content of Fihrist?

The platform has two main parts: Stories and Information. The content consists of the details about running businesses in the Turkish market and acts as a showcase platform for successful entrepreneurs by sharing their stories.


  • Support Syrian immigrants for their contribution to the Turkish economy.
  • Provide employment opportunities among Syrians immigrants.
  • Support the economic and social integration of immigrants.
  • Create an entrepreneurial network between Syrian immigrants.