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FIG Food & Tourism Entrepreneurship Program

What is the FIG?

FIG is a food and tourism entrepreneurship program that focuses on economic development of the food and tourism sectors in the Aegean region. Co-created by the Kök Projekt and Originn Coworking, the program aims to seek and support the food & tourism entrepreneurs who strive to build their businesses with a new and innovative approach to food service and tourism sectors. The program starts in the summer season of 2018 in İzmir, and it takes the name from figs that grow in the Aegean part of Turkey. FIG gather the entrepreneurs and investors who want to utilize İzmir’s feature-rich tourism and food culture together.

What Is Kök Projekt Doing?

As co-creator of the program, Kök Projekt takes part in the program by developing the curriculum and building the mentor and investor network for the entrepreneurs. We bring together mentors and investors in our food entrepreneur network with the candidates. FIG paves the way for innovation and technology focused projects in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to contribute to the economy.


  • Building active connections between entrepreneurs and investors
  • Create awareness for tourism and food-focused economic improvements.
  • Blending tourism and food sector to reinforce them.
  • Developing projects for tourism entrepreneurship business models in Turkey.
  • Supporting the economic development for tourism and food sector in Izmir.
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