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Aş Food Co.

“Building Innovative Food Experience”

What Is Aş Food Co.?

Aş Food Co. designs and organizes food events for brands, organizations, and companies to create memorable food experiences. We also act as a platform for chefs and food event organizations to showcase and test their ideas for novel food experiences. We design and organize events for various brands with dinner tasting and pop-up restaurant projects. We build exciting custom-made events and gather not only food-focused professionals but also designers, corporate employees, musicians, editors, and architects. We make content through particular research for our clients.

Our Services

Aş Food Co. serves one-time and perpetual corporate solutions. We organize attractive and viral events on social and traditional media by our clients’ objectives. We get support from food and event professionals to create unique organizations. In this direction, we have event design, human resources and workshop services in corporate areas.