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Food Waste

Food Waste: Food waste and loss are global problems. Every year 1,3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted. How food loss and waste impact the environment?…

shirley 1 May 2021


Climate Crisis & Water Scarcity The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to change how we live as it represents a massive impact on human life. The pandemic hasn’t…

kokprojekt 18 January 2021

Plant-Based Protein

Plant-Based Protein: an innovative solution for an unsustainable food system?

kokprojekt 12 January 2021

Water, Energy and Food Nexus

Water, Energy and Food Nexus: What is Water, Energy, and Food Nexus? How is it important in the perspective of sustainability? Could technology be a solution…

shirley 27 October 2020

Water & Agriculture

Future of Water: Water and Agriculture: What is the relationship between water and agriculture? How can AgriTech solve the challenges within the water ecosystems?…

shirley 18 October 2020

Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty: Food sovereignty covers many topics from small farmers’ welfare to sustainable agriculture. We searched for the definition of food sovereignty…

shirley 7 June 2020

Urban Farming

Urban Farming: Can agriculture and cities come together? How to reduce the journey of food and provide local production? Is the answer in urban agriculture? Click…

shirley 6 June 2020

Food Safety

Food Safety: What is food safety? How does it affect health and economy? Could food technologies strengthen food safety? Click our report for more.

shirley 24 May 2020

Global Food Security

Global Food Security: What is food security? How agriculture technologies can help to strengthen food security? Click on our report to get information about global…

kokprojekt 9 May 2020

Food Security: The Terms

Food Security: The Terms: What is the meaning of food security, sovereignty, and safety? What can food and agricultural technologies do to ensure sustainable…

kokprojekt 13 April 2020

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: Consumer interest in healthy eating is growing worldwide. Forecasting emerging trends’ impact on eating habits in the era of fast-flowing life.…

kokprojekt 13 April 2020

Adaptation of FAW Sectors

Adaptation of FAW Sectors: The Effects of the Pandemic On the FAW Sectors. The spread of Covid-19 affects all industries. We've also wondered how it is affecting…

kokprojekt 13 April 2020

Vertical Agriculture

Vertical Agriculture: Methods of future agriculture. Healthy, sustainable methods of farming are becoming increasingly important for nurturing the growing world…

kokprojekt 12 April 2020

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture: Reshaping the agricultural world with technology. Smart Agriculture also is known as Digital agriculture, e-agriculture or Agriculture 4.0…

kokprojekt 12 April 2020

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture: Agriculture of the future. Precision farming uses big data, advanced analytical processes, robots, and sensors in order to make appropriate…

kokprojekt 12 April 2020

Algae Based Protein

Algae Based Protein: Sustainability, a diet rich in protein, and algae. Algae may be among the potential sources of protein. Check out our report on the nutritional…

kokprojekt 12 April 2020