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Plant-Based Protein

Plant-Based Protein: an innovative solution for an unsustainable food system?

kokprojekt 12 January 2021

The Future of Agri-Food In The Post COVID-19 Era — Part VI-Healthy Eating

Second Wave Talks and Ways to Find Hope It has been almost more than six months since the first lock-down was announced across the world. Honestly, The…

kokprojekt 8 January 2021

Turkish Agriculture Machinery Ecosystem Map

Turkish Agriculture Machinery Ecosystem Map In our Turkish Agri-Food Ecosystem series, we’ll share a set of maps and reports to shed light on the agri-food…

kokprojekt 15 December 2020

Water, Energy and Food Nexus

Water, Energy and Food Nexus: What is Water, Energy, and Food Nexus? How is it important in the perspective of sustainability? Could technology be a solution…

shirley 27 October 2020